Southwell Races

The draw for stall positions only takes place for flat and all-weather races. Value of the draw is less in longer races but can be essential in sprint races.

Southwell Races
As a general rule it is possible to normally disregard any effect from the attract races of your mile or longer. The exceptions for this are if a race has a bigger than normal variety of runners. There's also some courses including Chester which because of their sharp bends favour those horses drawn close to the inner rails in a race.

Starting stalls can be placed on each side of the course although they are usually situated next to the inner rail. However, it is usually worth checking to create so that the stalls are in their normal position. On occasions to prevent bad ground or protect the opting for future meetings the stalls could be moved further across the course.

At some courses the result from the draw may be based mostly on the going. Many experts think that for instance in sprints at Windsor racecourse high numbers are favoured if the going is soft or heavy it could be the low numbers which have the advantage.

Obviously another factor that will modify the influence with the use it makes sense the quantity of runners within the race. With some runners this is a lot easier for a jockey to overcome the draw and obtain his horse placed where they wants it inside the field.

The draw may be a lot more significant on a number of the All Weather courses which may have particularly sharp bends. For instance at Kempton the horses drawn high appear to have a significant advantage in five and 6 furlong sprints. At Southwell and Lingfield it's really a disadvantage to be drawn wide within the lot stalls.

It is extremely easy to get the draw statistics for that various courses in the Racing Post either the printed or online version. One note of caution is the draw effect can alter from year to year. This could be because of a variety of reasons, moving the stall, watering the course or enhancing the course drainage.

Even when your horse features a favourable draw you have to consider if it is going to be capable of benefiting from it. For example a horse could have the favourable inside draw however, if it is often a pokey starter it may find other horses currently have off quicker and grabbed the favoured inside position therefore blocked that horse progress.

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With regards to finding winners the draw is one kind of the bits of the jigsaw you need to put together to find the winner.